About Us

From personal experience, we know that dealing with CR2 files is complicated and time-consuming. That is why we decided to develop a CR2 converter that transforms your files to JPG. Instead of worrying about work ahead of you, now you can relax and let the CR2 converter solve this one. In the end, technology should make your life easier so you can dedicate time to more important things.

CR2 Converter is a free online tool that doesn’t require registration or installing new software. Everything you need is to visit the CR2 converter’s website and upload your files for conversion. During the developing process, we had in mind high-quality conversion with elegant design.

We set things in motion in 2018, but we started working on the CR2 converter in 2019 from our headquarters in Chicago. The assembling of the team for this particular project wasn’t easy, but we managed to get the right people that understood our vision. And that was to create an online CR converter that is easy to use, fast, safe, and 100% FREE.

Finally, now we are proud to present the best CR2 converter that is available to users across the world. We are extremely happy that we can share our accomplishments with all of you - bringing converting CR2 files to the next level. We wanted to prove that it’s possible to make an efficient alternative to a paying software and not just that, to create the no1 tool for converting CR2 files to JPG. We are stunned by our users' reactions so far, and we will continue improving.